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Digital  Perm and Japanese Straight Perm

数码烫, 离子烫

What's A Digital Perm?

     A Digital Perm is a perm that uses hot rods with the temperature regulated by a machine with a digital display, hence the name. The process is otherwise similar to that of a traditional perm. The name "digital perm" is copyrighted by a Japanese company, Paimore Co.  Hairstylists usually call it a "Hot Perm".

The Difference of Normal Perm and Digital Perm

    First,  A Normal Perm basically requires only the perm solution. A Digital Perm requires a (different) solution plus heat. Second, the biggest difference between other perms and a digital perm is the shape and the texture of the wave by the digital process. A Normal Perm, or Cold Perm, makes the wave most prominent when the hair is wet, and loose when it is dry. The hair tends to look moist and as locks. A Digital Perm makes the wave most prominent when the hair is dry, and loose when it is wet. Therefore you can create the dry and curly look of the curl iron or the hot curler. Digital Perm thermally recondition the heir, though the chemicals and processing as similar to a straight perm. The hair often feels softer, and shinier after a Digital Perm. Third, the Cost are different. The price depends on the salon, but a Digital perm is usually a little more expensive than a cold Perm. Finally, the styling of difference. A cold perm makes the most wavy when it's wet, so to put the styling gel/foam when it's wet and air-drying it makes the wave most prominent. A Digital Perm makes the hair wavy when it is dry, so you just need to dry it with a blow dry and use your hand to make the curl. Styling is very easy, and if you set the curl in the morning, at the end of the day when the wave loosens, you can revive curl just by curling it with your finger. 

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I - Tips Hair Extensions​

Alopecia Androgenic.

Alterntive Solution with Mesh Cap Hair weave                                                 by Ms. kendra.

Cute Girl Braiding Style​ by Ms. Kendra

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This Hair Extentions by Ms. Hong Xia( Jessie)

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What's Japanese Straight Perm?

    Japanese Straight Perm or Thermal Reconditioning is a new Japanese treatment technique developed in Japan that uses heat to restructure the bonds in your hair so the hair lies straight giving you glossy,smooth, shiny straight hair that require minimum blow drying.

you soften the hair with the use of a solution, restructure with a very hot flat iron. and re-harden the hair permanent silky, smooth. AMAZING!

   whatever hair is treated will stay straight permanently and only the re-growth needs touching up. 

   The hair is shinny and permanently straight it is life changing. Do you want to remove some curls or all of the curls? Do you want to stay away from frizz? Japanese Straight Perm will make these happening.

This is Evolve Volumizer before and after looking.

Perm for Men

She is wearing Evolve Extension+.