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CAROL: Social Worker, Dancer, Matriarch

Kaye: Health Professional, Animal Lover, Grandmother

                                                                                    THE SOLUTION TO HAIR LOSS OR THINNING HAIR

                                                                                   If you have fine or thinning hair or are suffering from hair loss, we have the perfect solution.
                                                                          YOU CAN HAVE GREAT HAIR IN JUST ONE DAY!   Is that really possible? The answer is YES!

The EVOLVE Volumizer is a unique non-surgical, semi-permanent, hair integration system that changes how you look and how you feel about yourself. You can restore your self-confidence today. You don't have to wait months for medications or topical solutions to work (maybe). You don't have to suffer the pain of hair transplant surgery that may or may not give you the results you want.

If you want a true life changing experience, do what these women did. Get the Evolve Volumizer wearable solution for hair loss or thinning hair.

We custom fit and style your Volumizer

to make it perfect for you. Start your life changing

experience today. Contact us for your Free 

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KIRSTEN: artist, actress, world traveler.

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The EVOLVE Volumizer does not require tape, glue or adhesives and feels so comfortable, that people forget it’s on. The Volumizer is 100% real hand-tied human hair that adds volume and texture.


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​​VOLUMIZER by Hong Xia Chen ​(Jessie)

Before and After

Digital Perm, Japanese Straight.

    数码烫,             离子烫

Darker Hair turn to blond​ by Ms. Jessie

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Men's Hair Loss Solution--Best Hair Piece for Men.

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