Are You Worried about Fine, Thinning Hair?

      Evolve Hair Solutions is committed to helping women, just like you, achieve hair needs and fashion wants. Evolve products provide instant, beautiful, natural-looking hair. Evolve hair can be worn day and night for 4-5 weeks, before returning to the salon for a reset. 

     Evolve is the wearable solution for women with fine of thinning hair. Non-damaging, Non-invasive, No shaving, tape, glues or adhesives, chemicals or heat required. 

     Call Now (832) 532-0858 for a free consultation. Our EVOLVE certified stylist, Hong Xia(Jessie) Chen, will be very happy to answer you question.

Waxing Menu 

Ears: $10

Eyebrows, Lip or Chin: $10

   Full face: $40 ( w/brow $50)

    Full Arms: $45 (1/2 arm $ 25)

Underarms: $20 and up

                       Full Legs: $65 and up (1/2 leg $35)

  Back or Chest: $45 and up

Full Body wax: $225

*The Rates adjustable due to  length and density of  the hair


Open half days:New Year's Eve, Halloween, the day before Thanksgiving and the day before Christmas Day.

Close days: New Year's Day and the following day,Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving  and  Christmas Day.

                                                                                                               African American Hair Services Menu 

   Hair Cut:       Basic Cut, $20.00 and up.             Graduated/layer cut, $30.00 and up.   

   Shampoo:      Shampoo/single, $15.00.              Double Shampoo and Conditioning, $23.00.                 Dry, $10.00 and Up

   Styling:          Simple Styling, $20.00 and up.     Silky Press, $65.00 and up (w/shampoo and dry)         Finger Wave(Scrunch, natural): $35.00 and Up. 

                                                                             Roller Set: $35.00 and Up (W/shampoo).                      Updo: $45.00 and Up(W/shampoo).

   Hairwave: $125.00 (W/shampoo).                      Sew-in Take Down: $45.00(W/ shampoo)  

   Color:       Rinse, $30.00 (Addt'l $20 w/style)     Root touch up: $60.00 (addt'l $20.00 w/style).           Base Color, $75 and up

   Texture:   Relaxer Virgin Hair, $75 and up (include Basic dry, no styling).     Relaxer Retouch:  $60.00 and up (include basic dry, no styling)        Permanent Wave: $75.00 and Up

   Attention:  1. haircut do not include Shampoo, Dry and styling. 

                     2. According to the length, density and texture of the hair, our price may be slightly different from the price list.

                     3. please be aware of the price  may be slightly different from each hairstylist also, because we all are Independent Hairstylist Contractors .

                     Tank you all for understanding!



360 Degree Salon speaks

English, Chinese,  Vietnamese, & basic sign language. 

Good News

We invited Family Hair Braiding Shop to join our team due to improving African American Hair servces

** According to the TDLR disinfection law, we will Wash your hair before service is started.

  根据TDLR 消毒法规, 我们可能会有必要在服务前为您洗头

**The prices may be different from the Master hair designer and hairstylist on some services. Please check our price list before sitting on your designer or hairstylist's chair.

​   有些服务项目根据您选择的发型设计师的不同,价位会有所不一。请您先清楚价位后再选择设     计师或发型师

**welcome for Booking an appointment with your favored designer or hairstylist!


                                                                                                                                   Service Menu

   Haircut:      Men,$15.00 and Up.                                  Women, $20.00 and Up.                              Boys( ages under 10), $12.00 and Up.    Girls(ages under 10),  $17.00 and up.   

                      Senior Men(ages 65 or older) $12.00         Senior Women(ages 65 or older), $17.00

    Additional Services for Men:     Shampoo, $5.00     Shampoo and Styling, $10.00       Shampoo + Head and Neck massage, $15.00 - $20.00    Beard Trimming, $8.00 - $10.00                                                                                                                             Ear Waxing, $10.00    Eyebrow Waxing, $8.00 - $10.00      Haircut adding Line/Edging , $5.00 - $10.00          Thinning/texture $3.00 - $5.00

   Additional Services for Women: Shampoo + Conditioner,$10.00/length above Bra - $15.00/blow Bra. 

                                                     Basic Dry,$10.00/length to Collar, $15.00/length to Bra, $20.00 and up/length below Bra

                                                     Shampoo and Styling, $30.00 - $45.00( length to Collar), $40.00 - $50.00(length to Bra),  $50.00 and up(length below bra).         

                                                     Styling only, $20.00 and up.              Updo, $35.00 and Up.            Bang Trim, $5.00 - $8.00

   Texture Services for Men:Perm, $60.00 and Up

   Texture Services for Women: Basic Perm/cold, $70.00 and up to $100.00              Bang perm/cold, $45.00 

                                            Digital Perm/Hot Perm, $145.00 and up to $170.00

                                           Japanese Straightening, $160.00 and up ( $170.00 /length to collar. $180.00/ length to Shoulder, $200.00 /length to Bra, $220.00 and up Below Bra)

   Hair Treatment:   Brazilian Blowout:      $250.00 and up

                               Keratin Treatment:     $250.00 and up

                               Deep HY Moisturizing: $50.00 and Up

                               Deep Protein Restore: $50.00 and Up ( $50.00 /length to collar. $60.00/length to Bra. $70.00 and up/below Bra)

                               Deep conditioning, $25.00 and up to $45.00            Scalp Protection, $10.00                    Ends Protection, $30.00

   Color for Men:      Color Canmo/Blending: $30.00 - $40.00                   Full Color/Permanent color:$45.00 and up   

                                Partial Highlight:$45.00 and Up (Single process ).   Full Highlight:$50.00 and up( Single process).

   Color for Women: Roots Touch Up,$60.00 and up.                              Full Color,$65.00 and up.                   Glaze,$50.00 and up. 

                                Partial Highlights/single process, $50 and up.          Full Highlights/single process,  $85.00 and up.

Attention:   1. Haircut do not include Shampoo, Dry, and Styling.

                   2. According to the length, density and texture of the hair, our price may be slightly different from the price list.

                   3. All chemical Services, color, highlights, perm or treatment do not include haircut and styling.   

                   4. Please be aware of the price. It may be slightly different from each hairstylist because we all are independent contractors.

                      Thank you all for understanding!

                                      The Evolve Volumizer and Hair Extension (I-tips, Tape-in and Evolve Extensions+) Call: (832) 532- 0858   ask Ms. Jessie(Hong Xia) Chen for information.


   Client Appreciation Day is Tuesday        

            * Men's Haircut: $12.00

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